Raising A Cup For Bookkeepers

This week, it’s Global Bookkeeping Week.

It’s time to put the spotlight firmly on the unsung superheroes of small businesses – working behind the scenes to safeguard business-owners’ financial futures.

Today’s bookkeepers are balancing far more than the books. They’re balancing entrepreneurship, business development, sales, marketing, coaching and more. They’re the backbone of business success, and the pioneers of one of the most inclusive professional communities.

At Receipt Bank, we have the pleasure of hearing bookkeepers’ success stories from every corner of the globe. Here are just some of the ways bookkeepers are changing people’s lives across the world.


Bookkeeping can be the difference between sink or swim for a business. For a charity with limited funds, affordable high-quality bookkeeping is a lifesaver.

Just last week, we spoke to Debra Anderson, the 2018 MYOB Certified Consultant of the Year. In 2006, Debra started a bookkeeping company, previously called Legally BAS (now Anderson Tax), when she had her first child.

She currently works with one of the largest charities in Australia, which mentors young people on issues such as mental health. Debra uses cloud technology solutions like MYOB and Receipt Bank to make her bookkeeping more affordable. “At the moment, the charity doesn’t know they’re using Receipt Bank. That’s been a huge win for me. It’s a part of giving back to the community,” says Debra.


Bookkeepers are uniquely placed to help businesses get to grips with their financials. Beyond just balancing the books at the end of the month, they can transform struggling businesses and, in some cases,

Receipt Bank Network Development Consultant, Mel Dowie, started her bookkeeping practice, MND Bookkeeping Services, in 2006. This year, she joined Receipt Bank to help other accountants and bookkeepers enjoy the benefits of cloud technology as she did.

As a bookkeeper, she helped a pub that was losing up between £5k-£10k a month become profitable in just a few months. She did this by bringing in Xero and Receipt Bank to provide real-time data, spending the time with the pub-owner to understand the situation, then using her network to help.

For Mel, the bookkeeping landscape is changing, yet bookkeepers are in a position embrace these changes and celebrate what you do for business.

Technology is undeniably changing the bookkeeping landscape. Yet, that doesn’t mean bookkeeping is becoming irrelevant. We [bookkeepers] are not defined by adding data to a spreadsheet. We help businesses grow. In that sense, we are growth experts. As the world celebrates the incredible work we do, it’s a better time than ever to plan your future and dream big. This stuff matters, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or practice owner with an office and staff.


This echoes the message of Receipt Bank’s Head of Product, John Connolly’s breakout speech at Xerocon London last week:

You need to get ready to not only embrace change. You need to get ready to start enjoying change. To view change as the norm … It is going to be relentless, and the only way to cope with that is to not view it as relentless. View it as life. Movement is essential to life. Change is what we all do now.

The bookkeeping industry is changing rapidly, and it’s up to you to write your own future. In John’s words, “You are the Keepers of the Book’.”


As the bookkeeping landscape changes with automation, bookkeeping will continue to be essential for businesses.

Keep up your incredible work. Now’s the time for collaboration: collaboration with your clients, collaboration with accountants. Now’s the time for trust, and having confidence in what you do for your clients,” says Mel.

To all the bookkeepers out there, we hope you have a great week and celebrate the incredible work you do. Mel will be discussing why 2019 is the year to redefine your value at the ICB Bookkeeping Summit next week on Monday 26th November 2018.

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