We are delighted to announce that Receipt Bank Self-Employed won the 2018 Innovation Award at the 15th Annual Technology Innovation Awards.

Held last month in Los Angeles, the awards were presented by CPA Practice Advisor, celebrating the breakthrough technologies maximising accountants’ success. More than 40 technology products and services were nominated. We were one of five winners, including Accountant ConnectBill.comOnPoint PCR and Liscio.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing the accounting landscape, and it’s incredible to see how these new technologies are improving the day-to-day lives of accounting partners across the globe.


“The innovation awards honour outside-the-box-thinking from the technology companies that make the accounting profession better,” says Gail Perry, Editor-in-Chief of CPA Practice Advisor.

We rely on the technology innovators to provide the best solutions that move our profession forward and improve the services we provide to clients, all while ensuring the utmost security.

While for our CEO, Alexis Penn, “This award highlights the real value of new and efficient automated technology at this pivotal moment for the sector. Traditional manual systems have limited the growth and value-add potential of accountants in practice, but tools such as Receipt Bank Self-Employed help firms to go further.”

“Instead of just spending time collecting, organising and processing paperwork for their clients, accountants can now use technology to source their clients’ data in real-time and use it to be the driving force behind their success.”


You may have heard already of 1Tap Receipts, an automated bookkeeping platform designed for sole traders and freelancers.

While the name may have changed, the central concept is the same. Receipt Bank Self-Employed is designed for Schedule C Tax clients, helping them keep on top of expenses and record receipts on the go, making it as easy as possible come tax season.

Traditionally, tax season is crunch time, meaning long hours spent chasing clients for paperwork and entering mountains of data.

With Receipt Bank Self-Employed, your clients can keep track of their expense data in real-time, throughout the year. It captures, reads and organises client expenses against the IRS Schedule C categories to make tax planning and preparation as efficient and profitable as possible.

This means no more manual data entry, year-round value for your clients, and a less stressful tax season on the horizon.

Interested in trying Receipt Bank Self-Employed for your clients?

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