The Evolution of Dext

We’re upgrading our core Dext Prepare product and combining it with features from Dext Precision and Dext Commerce to create one seamless experience. We’re also releasing new features to give you integrated approvals, mileage tracking and supplier statement extraction and verification capability.  

After careful thought, steered by invaluable feedback from our customers, we’re pleased to announce that we’re upgrading Dext Prepare, and combining it with features from Dext Precision and Dext Commerce to create one integrated experience. For the first time, you’ll have access to Data Capture, Data Automation, Data Health & Insight and Practice Productivity all in one place.

In this blog, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know. Here, you’ll find out why we’re doing it, how we’ll do it and what it means for you and your clients.

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Why are we combining our products? 

Accurate, current business data has always been the foundation that connects businesses, bookkeepers and accountants. In today’s world, however, businesses are moving faster and they expect more from their advisors. Alongside that, compliance continues to digitise at pace, with bookkeepers and accountants striving to meet new requirements and provide more value in line with legislative change. 

The challenge that bookkeepers and accountants face, in light of today’s landscape, is ensuring that digital processes are connected and data is up to date and relevant. To help lower that barrier for our customers, and the wider industry, we are connecting features from our products into a single platform. It will be even easier for users to capture data in real time while ensuring accurate recording. You’ll have better access to automation that saves time, reduces manual work and ensures data health. And your data and the insights you deliver will be more up to date and actionable, supporting the health of your clients’ businesses and the health of your firm. This is why we’re bringing Dext’s products together in one platform. 

What does a combined product experience look like?  

The Dext platform will bring together features of Dext Prepare, Dext Precision and Dext Commerce, making it easier to access and get more value from a wider range of features, all in one place. 

From early September, Dext Prepare users will see changes that make it easier to manage client work as well as your own internal bookkeeping. You’ll see one client list, with more options to help you organise your client work. We’ll also streamline the way you navigate between your daily tasks across costs and sales, with enhanced capabilities for expense claims and approvals, and more. It is also much easier to manage roles & permissions as well as settings for your practice and across your clients. 

From early November, you’ll be able to access Dext Precision’s data health, data clean up and business insight tools, as well as the practice dashboards, from within the Dext Platform. For clients who sell online, you will be able to connect Shopify, Squarespace or Wix sites so that sales and costs from these platforms go directly into your client’s Sales and Cost Inbox.

How will the changes happen? 

We’ve been testing the new developments with practice and business users  for many months, and we’ll continue to capture and action feedback throughout the transition to the new platform.

From September 2024, your team will be invited to switch to the new Dext Platform. They will also have the option to switch back if they wish to. They will continue to access the Dext Platform using their existing Dext account.

You will have the ability to decide when the new experience is switched on for your clients. A button will be added to your client list which you can use to either switch all of your clients on at once, or stagger the rollout for your clients. Once you switch it on for your client, each team member in their business will be invited to switch to the new version of Dext.

What next?

For now, you don’t need to do anything. From early September 2024, if you are an existing Dext Prepare customer, you will be invited to switch to the new version of Dext from your existing account. In August, we’ll share more information about how to communicate these changes to both your teams and your clients. 

We understand you may have further questions, so we’ve prepared some frequently asked questions.  

Additional features

We’re also excited to announce the upcoming release of three new features, which will be available in both the old and new version of Dext.

  • A new mileage tracking functionality which will allow users to create a mileage claim by recording the trip automatically or adding it after on the web or mobile application. Dext will then automatically calculate the amount that should be reimbursed based on legislative requirements or custom information.
  • Approval workflow functionality which will enable practices and their clients to efficiently approve supplier and customer invoices and employee expense claims for processing. This will help you ensure all transactions are verified and approved by the right people, providing your clients with enhanced financial accuracy and control.
  • Supplier Statement extraction and verification functionality which will make it much quicker and easier to reconcile supplier invoices each month. The functionality will also protect businesses by detecting errors and fraud through identifying discrepancies and preventing fictitious invoices.

These new features will provide you with a clear and immediate view of all your clients’ expenses, enabling more accurate budgeting and cash flow management. With these improvements, you’ll be able to streamline your expense management processes, reduce administrative burdens and maintain tighter control over client finances. All of this is part of our continued focus on innovation to make it easier for our partners to access more features and get more value from their Dext product, so they can better serve their clients.

As always, thank you for your continued support of Dext. We’ll be making these features available very soon, so look out for further updates.  

In the meantime, if you’d like to further explore the changes above, you can visit our FAQs. Here you’ll find all of the details on everything from our rollout plans to clients and pricing.

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