The Rise of Digital Commerce

Purchasing behaviour has changed beyond all recognition in recent years. Whilst retailers have driven this change as a way to reduce their footprints, organisations of all shapes and sizes, and across all sectors, have had to adapt to facilitate automated digital transactions. Naturally, accounting firms have had to adapt too.

In this whitepaper, we explore the ways in which accounting and bookkeeping firms can accelerate their clients’ growth by embracing the right kind of tech stack to minimise ‘busy work’, provide valuable business insights, and become a trusted business partner. All whilst ensuring client accounts remain profitable.

What you’ll learn from this intro guide:

  • 5 key digital commerce trends impacting accountants and bookkeepers
  • How digital commerce differs from traditional e-commerce
  • Reasons accountants have traditionally found digital commerce complex
  • What to look for in a digital commerce tech stack

Click here and download the whitepaper for free.

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