You Deserve More From Your Receipts: Relaunching Dext Prepare For Business

No one starts a company to deal with receipts. But SMEs still spend 71 days a year on admin.

That’s why we’ve taken all that we’ve learned from building a world-leading productivity platform for accountants and bookkeepers to help SMEs work smarter too.

Whether you’re an in-house bookkeeper or an entrepreneur looking to spend more time where it matters, Dext Prepare For Business is for you (formerly Receipt Bank).


Over the last eight years, we’ve built a huge network of accounting and bookkeeping partners. In fact, earlier this year we celebrated 250,000 businesses worldwide using Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) in May 2019.

On the way we’ve built a product that we’re incredibly proud of. We hear stories everyday of bookkeeping time cut in half, client numbers doubled, and goals being beaten and surpassed. Thousands of professionals are now putting value first for their firms and their clients, exactly as it should be.

So earlier this year, our attention turned to ensuring our technology was as good as it could be for business-owners. If it makes their life easier and helps them grow their business, they can then make the next leap and start working with an accountant.

We wanted to give business-owners more value, more options and ultimately, more time. Fast forward to today, Dext Prepare for Business is re-launched and open for business


We looked at what business owners need to save time on manual bookkeeping work. The first thing that came to mind was “choice”. Every business is different, with their own needs. So we’ve split our offering into three: BusinessBusiness Plus and Premium.

Then we focused on the value for the user. Here’s what we came up with:

  • A cleaner, more intuitive interface for increased usability, understandable by everyone
  • Bank statement extraction on Business Plus and Premium for a one-stop bookkeeping destination
  • Downloadable expense reports, so you can see and approve employee expenses faster
  • The option to ‘accelerate’ data extraction and auto-publish
  • Bank and paperwork match, so you can fly through your inbox
  • And many more …

Dext For Business also connects with the leading online accounting software, including Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and more, so you can build one connected system.


We’re proud to work with over 8,000 accounting and bookkeeping firms, helping them add value for their clients. Because not only is Dext your best option for collecting, processing and storing your bookkeeping data, but it also makes it easier than ever to share your information with your advisor.

If you work with an accountant or bookkeeper who doesn’t use Dext, you can give them access to your data with no additional subscription. They’ll be able to see your purchases in real-time and be better positioned to give financial advice.

And if you don’t work with an advisor but would like to, we have a list of the top cloud-based accountants and bookkeepers in our database. Find an accountant or bookkeeper here.


You can get started with Dext Prepare for Business today. Start your free trial today and save time to spend on things you love.

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