Lose the Paper. Grow Your Firm

Growing your firm requires capacity, productivity and liquidity. And the best way to boost all three is by going paperless.
Receipt Bank’s Paperless Playbook shows you how.

Thanks to new technology, firms of all sizes now have the opportunity to work smarter, grow faster and go further. But running a paperless practice isn’t just about how you store documents.
It’s about how you interact with your clients, the way you process information and even how you sell your services. “When pitching a new client, we sell a paperless life audit defense, employee accountability, no more data entry, and seamless integration with your accounting,” explains Joe Montgomery CPA.
“The relationship with our clients has changed from being just the person who does their taxes and spits out a regular financial report that they never look at, to becoming their back office. It’s changing the game for our clients. And for us.”

Download the guide to learn:

  • The key mistakes firms make when going paperless and how to avoid them
  • Your first steps to implement new, growth-driving processes
  • The way to develop and productise technology-based services
  • Best practices from the leading firms