Managing digital sales data just got simpler

Automatically fetch your clients’ sales data from multiple e-commerce and point-of-sale platforms. Split out transactions, fees, refunds and reimbursements, line by line. All under one subscription.

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Consolidate sales data

Dext Commerce provides a standardised view of the sales data from multiple platforms, perfect for clients who sell on many different ones, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Shopify.

Ensure tax compliance

Allocate tax associated with an order to an appropriate domestic or international rate, enhanced by a clear view on individual transactions across platform and region.

Take on more clients

From small side hustles to multi-platform e-commerce sellers, your Dext Commerce subscription covers all digital sales integrations – meaning you can meet the needs of individual clients easily.

Simplify your digital sales accounting in 3 easy steps

Step 1.

Get detailed and accurate sales data

From Amazon to Shopify, Dext Commerce fetches itemised transactions from retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, point of sale systems, payment providers and more.

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Step 2.

Consolidate and standardise your data

Dext Commerce consolidates data from across your client’s digital sales platforms, converting each transaction into a standardised and itemised format.

Step 3.

Export with ease

Export itemised data such as customer details, payment methods, the account the sale will clear through, shipping fees, discounts, taxes and of course SKU level data around the products and services sold. When ready, publish as much or as little detail as you like to your Quickbooks or Xero account.

Better data, better insights

Digital records

Ensure all client documents comply with new source data regulations.

Tax compliance

Correctly identify how to properly allocate the tax associated with an order to an appropriate rate – domestic or international.

Cut off dates

Receive sales data in real-time to correctly assess cut off date, cash and accrual based accounting methods, deferred revenue and more.

Reporting made easy

Support growth in a fast-moving sector with a level dynamic reporting previously too difficult to carry out proactively.

Greater visibility

Sales can be tracked based on region, platform and SKU to unlock valuable insights for clients working across markets.

Start offering more

Armed with operational services, data and reporting, you can start future-proofing clients and their decision-making processes.

What our clients say

“I sell on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify and there is no way I would have been able to do my bookkeeping without it. In my opinion if you sell on any of these platforms this is a must have app!”

“We were able to get our client added and syncing transactions with QBO effortlessly. This saved us a ton of time to get all the transactions (8000+ per month) posted from Shopify.”

“We have linked several marketplaces ebay, amazon, etsy, shopify. Very useful and a huge time saver if your entering all your sales manually. Wish I had found this app sooner.”

How our customers are using Dext Commerce

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How Simplefficient Bookkeeping reduce manual processing by 50%

Learn how Simplefficient Bookkeeping Limited’s founder Steph Jones reduced time spent on data entry with Dext Commerce.


Growth for Accounting Pros

The perfect plan for accounting professionals of all sizes, from multinational firms to local boutique advisors. Service the accounting needs of your digital commerce customers profitably and efficiently.

Single Client

Purchase individual clients as needed. Each single client plan comes with 1,000 transactions per month, unlimited users, unlimited integrations, and 90 days of historical transactions.

$41/mper client / month
per bundle / month
Bundle & save with 5 clients

This offer allows you to buy a bundle of 5 clients for a discounted price and a save up to 24%.

per each additional 1,000 transaction bundle
Transaction Add-ons

Each client license includes 1,000 transactions per month. Transactions are pooled meaning they can be shared across all your clients.

Features for Accounting Pros

  • Connect all your clients’ sales platforms for no additional cost
  • Accurate Tax reporting
  • Itemised transaction data in multiple currencies
  • Transaction mapping including SKU matching
  • Accrual accounting support
  • Sales expenses tracking
  • Export data to Quickbooks or Xero
  • 1,000 transactions per month per license
  • Unlimited users
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  • Can I view the country origin or destination?
    In most cases Dext Commerce will have bill to and shipping information (including shipping tracking number in many cases). We can currently use the shipping information to create coding rules as needed. This can come in handy when applying tax rates to transactions based on the destination of an order. We're also working on product updates that will allow us to leverage both the origination of an order and the destination of an order when creating coding rules.
  • How do I deal with Shopify data that contains orders from other platforms?
    Shopify aggregates data from other marketplaces. Dext Commerce acquires all of this data from a connected shopify account. We can separate/map different this other data as needed. The data in Shopify contains a unique marketplaceID that allows us to identify which transaction are native to shopify vs other marketplaces. For example, we can segment and map data for shopify separately from data from Klarna.
  • How can I automate my exports to save more time?
    Auto exports and roll up exports are scheduled exports based on rules that are a great way to setup recurring automation once all accounts have been properly mapped
  • Can I leverage custom attributes from the integration to create rules?
    Yes, in many cases we acquire custom attributes from each marketplace. These attributes can be used to create mapping and transform rules.
  • How do I ensure Dext Commerce is not missing data for a given accounting period?
    The best way to do this today is to review the total transactions and monetary amounts of sales, refunds, costs and reimbursements from a report provided by your marketplace. You can then compare that to the Dext Commerce snapshot report to ensure they match. In the near future we will be building an automated reconcilation service that will identity if your Dext Commerce account is missing data for a given period compared to the reports we are able to extract from the marketplace.
  • How do I map my sales to accounting if i'm not using SKUs?
    SKUs matching is a great way to create a map between the items you sell and the product or services within your accounting file. If you don't use SkUs, Dext Commerce can create rules that reference aspects of your product names to properly map to a chart of account. We can also use rules to simply map all sales to a single product or service or directly to an income/revenue account within your COA.

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