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Dext Prepare gives you all the tools you need to capture, upload and track your cash flow.

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Reduce admin anxiety, save money and free up time to do what you do best: running your business. Dext Prepare is your go-to platform for getting on top of business finances. Get back in control within minutes with all the tools you need to capture, upload and track your cashflow – all in one app.

Snap it

Snap paper receipts, invoices or bank statements in one click. And by connecting your account with PayPal, Amazon and over more than 1,400 suppliers you won’t have to worry about missing paperwork.

Send it

Dext gets all the important information from your documents and stores them in one place. Say goodbye to duplicates and hours of data entry.


We’ll automatically sort your financial data by tax, supplier and region to give you a real-time view of your business finances. No more anxiety when it comes to month end.

How Dext works

Tired of wasting valuable time on data entry, payments and filing? Check out this video to see how you can start expensing more, paying the right amount of tax, and why you’ll never miss an invoice again.

Upload and track

Easily process your invoices with our one-click photo upload. Connect to over 1,400 suppliers, think PayPal, Amazon and more.

Expenses made easy

All your financial documents, stored in one place. No more costly errors, duplicates or hours of data entry

Real time updates

A real-time view of your business finances means no more admin anxiety when it comes to month-end.

Trusted by 450,000+ businesses globally

Dext is the one app you need to stay on top of your business finances. Companies like yours use our platform every day, helping them reduce admin anxiety, save money and free up time to do what they do best. Learn more

Thierry Sequeira

Massive Rocket

“The auto-scanning has really transformed the way we work. One picture and everything is filled out for you. It means we are able to expense more, and in a more efficient manner, so we save money that way.”

Thierry Sequeira
Thierry Sequeira

Ashley Panter


“I feel like I can do so much more. For example, I’ve linked my email address so all of my Amazon orders are automatically uploaded and processed. All I need to do is check over them and they’re ready to go – it saves me so much time.

Ashley Panter
Ashley Panter

Everything in one place

Save your business time and claim tax deductibles by using Dext to manage your finances from start to finish.

Control in your pocket

The essential accounting platform for preparing your business finances. From one-click upload, to easy expense reports, sales invoices and bank statement extraction, Dext helps you transform your admin tasks from painful to pain-free.

Dext integrates with every major accounting software provider. Get set up and start planning your time in no time at all.

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