Dext Prepare, your online receipt scanner and so much more

Dext Prepare scans and captures all of the important information in your receipts, bills, invoices and bank statements in seconds.

Dext Prepare Receipt Scanning
Receipt Scanning

An invoice scanner that fits in your pocket

Dext Prepare goes beyond simply only scanning documents into digital text. One quick photo and the app’s award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology analyses, understands and organises your data. Whether you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, or you have a small business, if you can use a phone camera, you can scan with Dext Prepare.

Automated invoice processing saving you time

Manually copying the details from your financial documents is time consuming and thankless work. Dext Prepare's easy-to-use mobile app and extracts everything you need in 30 seconds. So you can say goodbye to those shoeboxes full of receipts.


Take photos and scan your receipts

Snap paper receipts and all your financial documents in one click using the app. It connects with PayPal, Amazon and over 1,400 suppliers


Automatically extract data and streamline into one format

The app analyses and extracts the important information from the paperwork, then publishes it to your accounting software


Automatic filing into ordered data fields

The data’s automatically sorted by tax, supplier and region; you can sync your bank account or upload a PDF of your statement

Modernise your accounting process effortlessly

Dext Prepare goes beyond simply converting documents Dext integrates with all the major accounting platforms. Connect yours to Dext Prepare, and all of the data will be automatically published and the transactions matched, all in real time.

Receipt Scanning
Receipt Scanning
Receipt Scanning

Business expenses made easy

Financial records can be uploaded in just a few clicks, and expense reports can be created, completed, approved and published in no time. To learn more about Expense Management for Businesses click here