Receipt Bank is now Dext

And Dext is so much more.

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Dext is the new name for our company. And Dext Prepare is the new name for Receipt Bank. New name. Same product. New features. Same mission - to make accountants, bookkeepers and businesses more productive, profitable and powerful. You can use Dext Prepare (with Receipt Bank) in the same way, with the same log in, and access new features. Head to your new homepage to find out more.


Receipt Bank is now Dext

And Dext is so much more.

Why Dext?

Dext is the new name for our company. And Dext Prepare is the new name for Receipt Bank. We make accountants, and the businesses you advise, more productive, profitable and powerful with better data and insight.

Get practice fit

Dext is the essential digital accounting platform to fetch all paperwork to one place and get your client’s business financially fit. Never miss an invoice or receipt, by connecting to thousands of suppliers, PayPal, and email to pull all the data you need into a single digital dashboard.

Prepare accounts using automatic supplier and customer rules, bank matching, connections to more than 1,400 suppliers, and sales invoice uploads, all direct to your accounting software.

Get financial data in real-time

Fetch financial data automatically; use our smart tools to analyse tax, payment timing and talk to your clients about cashflow, all in real time. Your Receipt Bank account is now your Dext account, and it works with everyone – integrating and auto-publishing to your choice of accounting software.

  • Accurate extraction

    Extract every line of data with market leading accuracy, sort it by supplier and store it safely for you and your clients to access.

  • Supplier Rules

    Automatically code and categorise costs by setting up supplier rules. Save time and tax deductibles automatically.

  • Match

    Real-time accounting through a live connection to your business bank account, matching costs with paperwork.

  • Request Paperwork

    Cut out the paperchase by sending requests on outstanding paperwork direct to your client’s mobile app; get quicker responses on document queries with in-app chat.

  • Streamline invoices

    Pull invoices from 1,400 suppliers, automatically categorise documents and enable each line item to be labelled individually.

  • Pain-free payments

    Smartly split tax payable and reclaimable expenses on a single document.

Trusted by 1 million users globally

Growing your business from Receipt Bank to Dext with over one million users trusting us to get better insights from data. We integrate with any accounting software provider, most banks and suppliers. Find out why nine out of the world's ten largest accounting firms use Dext. Learn more

Kate Griffiths

Head of App Advisory, Kendons

“People that used to predominantly work on compliance can now move into advisory full-time and use it to self-generate work with confidence.”

Kate Griffiths
Kate Griffiths

Ryan Pearcy

Director in Business Advisory & Systems

“Our services evolve constantly. As the era of providing just compliance starts to die, the question now is: ‘what can we do for clients, on top of filing the tax return?”

Ryan Pearcy
Ryan Pearcy

Dext integrates with every major accounting software provider. Get set up and start planning your time in no time at all.

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