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Data-driven bookkeeping efficiency

Practice Insights is the future of data analysis for accountants and bookkeepers. You can now drill down into data, drive productivity and start making decisions backed by actionable insight.

Better data, richer insight

Get more from your bookkeeping data that usually takes hours to find and understand. Drill down into the data to optimise your firm’s capacity, benchmark clients against each other and assess their performance. Use that insight to better prioritise work and spot bottlenecks before they become a problem.

More efficient accounting processes

Step 1


Get a clear, in-depth view of your client’s bookkeeping data

Step 2


Apply filters to drill down and focus on the data you want to see

Step 3

Better insights

Spot trends, bottlenecks, opportunities and more to improve your decision making

Key features

Tailor your view

Tailor your default view to get deeper insights on specific clients, as well as those managed by particular members of your team to better understand their workload and capacity. Set other filters by location to benchmark different offices and their clients against each other, and split out clients based on whether you do their bookkeeping or not.

Assess jobs to be done

See which clients have the most items to action, and whether those items need to be reviewed or published into the client’s accounting software. Meet your own deadlines and identify which clients need help to bring their bookkeeping up to date, and empower them with real-time data.

Spot potential bottlenecks

Get an instant view of your lowest submitters and overall submissions to your practice. Spot submission method trends and get a strategic overview of how your clients engage with Dext Prepare, and identify those that may need help.

How does Practice Insights help you?

Drive productivity

Benchmark clients against each other based on their efficiency in Dext Prepare, and get a clear view of jobs to be done. Allocate time more effectively and set your team up for better client conversations.

Spot opportunity

Dive deeper into data and identify where there’s room for improvement. If a client or team member is taking longer than expected to complete tasks, see and suggest where automation could help. Richer insight empowers all users to add more value.

Improve decision making

Practice Insights provides everyone with the right level of understanding to take the initiative and improve their workflows. From practice-level decisions to minor workload improvements, you can now make key decisions backed by the right data.

Data-driven bookkeeping

Explore an advanced new space for data analysis in Dext Prepare. Dive deeper into the data that matters to your firm, and use that insight to improve your overall workflow.


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