4 Reasons Why You Need Quality Control

Your clients want the confidence that their accounts are compliant and healthy, and that they will receive useful support and advice to navigate the complexity of the tax system. At the same time, your practice wants to build solid internal processes that ensure productivity, good reputation and growth.

Having the right tools for assurance and quality control is crucial.

Here’s why every practice needs to ensure quality control, so they can give clients the peace of mind they need:


Being able to check the financial performance of a client quickly and efficiently is critical – but visualising all your clients and workflows in one place is even better. This way, you can not only identify clients needing additional support, but also benchmark similar clients types and analyse how they compare in key metrics.

Dext Precision has a detailed dashboard that offers an overview of all clients, health scores and workflow status – giving you the visibility you need to supervise a large number of accounts without missing anything. When you don’t have to investigate data to find where the errors are, you have more time for defining client solutions or improvements.


Manually reviewing large quantities of data takes a long time, and you’re still prone to errors which slows down your workflow and can damage the firm’s reputation with clients.

Precision gives you real-time data quality checks for all your Xero and QuickBooks clients. The ‘clean up’ tools speed up and automate the review process, highlight what needs fixing and spot potential issues early.

Having accurate information allows the team to complete tasks efficiently, which in turn creates additional capacity that can be used to grow the practice.

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Sometimes accounting firms grow faster than their ability to recruit, which causes capacity challenges. As a result, the team can experience burn out and the risk of mistakes increases. This triggers a snowball of issues, from profitability to reputation.

Having standardised and optimised processes ensures that everyone follows the same approach to the jobs being undertaken. With Precision, you build consistent workflows based on quality control to ensure a consistent level of service for all clients.


It’s a given that manual review takes a lot of time – but the main issue is the risk of mistakes not being spotted. Submitting incorrect tax returns or miscategorising transactions, for example, brings reputational risks for accountants and bookkeepers. 

Precision’s clean up tools scan the data and pick up any errors in the bookkeeping. This includes multi-coded contacts, duplicated transactions and contacts and unreconciled transactions – helping you reduce the risk of mistakes and ensure clean and reconciled accounts for all your clients.

Improve your firm’s quality control systems to reduce risks, optimise time and build trust. Try Dext Precision today.

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