Dext Takes Part in the Intuit QuickBooks Developer Growth Program

Dext has consistently played an active role in cultivating meaningful relationships, helping small, medium-sized businesses, bookkeepers and accountants to make more informed decisions faster and better. With this in mind, Dext have chosen to participate in a 6-month Developer Growth Program, dedicated to reviewing Dext Prepare’s integration with QuickBooks and enhancing the overall user experience.

This program has been meticulously designed to evaluate the architecture, or in simpler terms, the connectivity between our platforms. As we all recognise, the strength of our platform lies not in a singular connection but in multiple connections, making it an essential tool for QuickBooks users. The goal is to ensure that our technology continues to retrieve data from receipts, bank statements, or bills while also scrutinising our best-in-class data reconciliation capabilities between platforms. This guarantees that elements such as product category, cost, taxes, and more are not duplicated. Instead, they become part of a streamlined process, ultimately saving time and management costs. In essence, it is a pathway to achieving an end-to-end accounting digital transformation.

Throughout the program, a group of panellist experts reviewed the integration, identifying strengths and suggesting ways to enhance it further. Accountants shared insights, discussed market differences, and proposed additional ideas to meet the varied needs of different segments, fostering even greater growth. New ideas are currently being plotted in the product roadmap, ensuring constant improvement.

For example, later last year Prepare released a new client list view for faster user management access, including visibility over the different integrations. Additionally, iPad support has been added to enhance accessibility. Our multi-platform data access proposition currently enables the scanning and submission process through email, web app, supplier fetch connection, and mobile app. This proposition will become even more robust with the possibility of creating new integrations with accountants directly from the app. In the upcoming months, we will continue to release additional features. Keep tuned for updates.

We invite the entire accounting and bookkeeping community to stay tuned for our developments, continue learning through our multiple events and webinars and integrate our app if you’re a QBO customer. 

If you haven’t tried Dext Prepare yet, find out more and start your free trial now! 

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