Case Study: Tylor Hutchinson, Hutchinson & Company

For over 75 years, Hutchinson & Company has been supporting Canadian businesses with bookkeeping and accounting services. Now run by Tylor Hutchinson, the firm continues its traditional mission whilst also looking to the future by introducing technology to improve processes.

Meet Tylor Hutchinson

Continuing a third-generation family accounting practice of over 75 years.

Tylor Hutchinson, CPA, has over 25 years of direct accounting experience and heads Hutchinson & Company – the core of his family for three generations. Located in Alberta, Calgary, the firm specializes in bookkeeping, traditional accounting services, payroll and GST, as well as cash flow management such as budgeting and tax returns.

Under his supervision, Hutchinson & Company continue to support clients from various industries to ensure compliance and improve business processes by offering valuable advice. Working with a network of trusted advisors, Tylor makes sure his clients have access to all the services and support they need to grow.


Processing 1,400 monthly transactions in an efficient manner.

As a forward-thinking firm, Hutchinson & Company keep a close eye on changes in regulations that can affect current and potential clients, whilst constantly looking for new technology to improve productivity and profitability. That’s what led Tylor to choose Dext Prepare as their main automation too.

“I talked to a Dext representative and I was sold. The features prove the accuracy and efficiency of the product.”

Accuracy, speed and the view of a paperless future – that’s all Tylor could ask for. 

The ability to upload 1,400 transactions in minutes changed the way in which Tylor ran his firm. His workflows are much simpler now and he saves hours every week – time he can dedicate to more interesting and valuable work than data entry.

“The speed at which Dext Prepare extracts information is beyond me!”


Dext Prepare saved Tylor $42,000 a year.

We have all heard that “time is money” – and Tylor knew that, by saving Hutchinson & Company so many hours, Dext Prepare was essentially saving the firm some dollars as well. But he didn’t expect the software would literally help him save money.

As the firm grows, the volume of data that needs to be processed naturally increases. In the past, the only way around this was to hire someone to help with manual data entry – a time consuming and not very inspiring task for any professional.

Thankfully, Tylor discovered Dext Prepare just in time. By automating the data extraction for his bookkeeping services, he was able to save that budget and instead invest on the right tech stack for Hutchinson & Company. 

“This product provides excellent accuracy on data capture.”

By investing in technology to help his team operate more efficiently – and have time for more exciting work, too -, the firm has not only saved $42,000 a year but also remained competitive without having to increase fees. Having the right automation tools has proven a win-win for Hutchinson & Company and their clients.


Freeing up 75% of Tylor’s time previously handling loose documents.

Using Dext Prepare has changed the way Tylor works, but also had an impact on his personal life. He is now a proud member of the growing group of accountants and bookkeepers who share the same peace of mind worldwide.

“If I’m on the road visiting family elsewhere, I don’t have to worry about client documents in my Calgary office. Client experience has changed overall, too.“ 

According to him, nearly 70% of the data extraction work is actually carried out by clients themselves as they use Dext Prepare. This has changed the way Hutchinson & Company runs, as clients are naturally more engaged with their business finances. Meanwhile, Tylor and the team have extra time to provide insights and support them on areas of improvement.

About Dext Prepare:

Manual bookkeeping is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Dext Prepare is a market-leading automated data extraction tool that helps you deliver consistent, quality bookkeeping work that’s always in line with compliance, so you can stay ahead of client deadlines. Without manual data entry, there’s more room for you to add value and provide business-changing advice that allows you to scale yours at the same time.

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