What’s New in Receipt Bank: November 2018

We’ve been paving the way for you to say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manual data entry.

This month we welcomed our new Bank Statement Extraction feature to bring you one step closer. 


This month, we’re excited to welcome Bank Statement Extraction to our suite of effortless accounting tools! If you have clients that submit unformattable bank statement, for example, in PDF, this feature is ideal for you.

We know you can’t begin the reconciliation process until you’ve got your clients’ bank data in your accounting software. If you’re currently having to manually type out every line item into a spreadsheet, before importing it into your accountancy software – you’ll know it can takes hours!

Our new bank statement extraction feature offers you a straightforward, secure solution to getting your clients bank data in your accounting software, so you can begin reconciliation. Simply upload your bank statements to the Receipt Bank web app.


The new Bank tab is a dedicated space for your clients bank statement data. This is where you’ll find all the bank statements you’ve uploaded via Bank Upload. Once the data has been extracted, the status will change from In Processing to Ready.

Once processed, you’ll be able to download the file in your chosen format, ready for you to upload to your accounting software. The new bank statement extraction feature means you can save hours of work by saying goodbye to manual data entry.

*Bank Statement Extraction is an additional feature. Request a call with your ADC to find out more.


Based on research and testing with fellow Receipt Bank Partners, we’ve made Client View work even better for you!

The new Client View provides you with a streamlined dashboard to optimize productivity, visibility and efficiency for all users within your firm. You will now find it easier to navigate and there’s additional great functionality too.

The new functionality includes:

  • Starring your favourite clients. Starred clients will be shown as default when you first log into Receipt Bank – so you can focus on the clients that need your attention.
  • Prioritize your work with one click. Sort by Client Name, Submission Date and even Number of Items in the Inbox, so you can manage your data in the way that best suits you.
  • Search. Easily find the client you’re looking for. Use the new search function to find the client you need straight away. Click on any of the metrics to find the item it relates to.

*Available for Receipt Bank Practice Platform and Optimize


Another month, another Fetch update! Following feedback from users, we’ve made a handy new update for Fetch. Now when you set up a new Fetch connection, you can select whether you want to Fetch all historical invoices, or just the invoices from the past 30 days – so you only get the data you need in Receipt Bank.


Save yourself one more task. You can now publish items to Sage Accounting and have the item create a ‘paid invoice’ or ‘unpaid invoice’ in Sage! You can do this by filling in the ‘Payment’ field when editing an item in Receipt Bank.

*Available for Receipt Bank Custom, Streamline, Practice Platform and Optimize


Orange Select is a fantastic portal we offer to all partners to join and get involved in the Receipt Bank community. You can complete lots of great challenges, have discussions, gain extra insights whilst being rewarded for your engagement!

Orange Select has received a great new update this month! You can now use your Receipt Bank credentials for single sign on, meaning you can access Orange Select in no time.

Not part of Orange Select? Join here.*

*Only available to Receipt Bank Partners.


We’ve got some important changes coming at the start of December to lay the foundations for some exciting new features coming in 2019!


On December 3rd 2018, you’ll notice that your Archive will move from the primary navigation bar into the Inbox. This update to the navigation means that you’ll be able to access all your costs, past or present, directly from the Inbox – helping you prioritise your work across each space in Receipt Bank.


We have a choice of User Privileges available in Receipt Bank, designed to ensure each team member has the correct level of access for their role. Currently however, you can add additional restrictions to users on the mobile app by using Mobile Permissions, found under your Account Details in Account Settings. We want to ensure consistency across our mobile app and web app.

From 3rd December User roles will be universal across the whole of Receipt Bank. This means that if you are integrated with an accounting software, any Administrators or users with Publishing rights for all items will be able to publish items from either the mobile app or the web app. As a reminder, the current roles available can be viewed here.

What does this mean for you? Before December 3rd, we would recommend you review your current User Privileges for both your team and your clients to ensure users have the correct level of access for their role. You can review these privileges at any time in Account Settings, by going to Maintain Users, clicking Manage and Edit User Privileges.


Currently, only the user that has set up the Fetch connection can manage the connection. We will be releasing an update in December that means admin users will be able to view and manage all the Fetch connection on the account.


Finally, one of the other changes coming in December is that we are renaming the ‘Client list’ to ‘Customer list’ – again, this is a change that helps improve our consistency cross-platforms, as well as help pave the way for new functionality coming in the new year.

So keep your eyes peeled for those changes coming at the start of December, and stay tuned to find out the great features that we will be releasing in December!

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