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Michael Ly, CEO of Reconciled

How to save your clients 5 hours a week with Dext Prepare

Charlotte Ing, leading the cloud accounting agenda at Sagars, shows us how she uses Dext Prepare to streamline bookkeeping processes for clients, and demonstrates how to upload receipts and invoices through mobile and desktop, set up Invoice Fetch, add Supplier Rules, and auto-publish to the accounting software.


More profitable pricing from the get-go with Dext Precision

John Toon, Senior Manager at Beever & Struthers, shows us how he uses Dext Precision to assess the quality of new clients’ books and accurately price bookkeeping services. He demonstrates how to view and interpret clients’ HealthScore, and transaction volumes and bank reconciliations within the Activity Stats of Dext Precision.


Servicing clients in any industry with Dext Prepare

Adriaan Basson, the Founder of entrepreneurial and tech-forward firm, Wingman Accounting, shows us how he’s able to address any industry-specific challenges with Dext Prepare. He uses features like Line Item Extraction, Sales Invoice extraction, and Auto-publish to accurately and efficiently process and organise the paperwork of his clients.


Dealing with any payment method with Dext Prepare

Michael Ly, CEO of Reconciled, explains why Dext Prepare is an integral part of managing different payment methods and expenses for SMBs, especially in environments where owners might mix personal and business expenses. He demonstrates how to add a payment method, map it to a bank account, and choose whether to auto-publish.


Daily bookkeeping as the key to productivity with Dext Prepare

Tim Gunn, Bookkeeper at BlueRock, shows us how he uses features like the Dext Prepare dashboard to plan his daily work and prioritise clients he needs to attend to, and Bank Match and Supplier Rules to make sure everything that he pushes to the general ledger has been paid, and it’s been paid on time.

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