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Adriaan’s firm serves a broad range of clients in a broad range of industries, ranging from restaurants to retailers and consulting businesses, and Dext Prepare enables the team at Wingman Accounting to serve all of them equally. According to Adriaan, a good example of this is the property sector: they tend to deal with messy data in the form of municipal accounts, and other types of paperwork. This is when features like Smart Split and Line Item Extraction are able to help, to the extent that they can automate the bookkeeping process almost completely.

Dext Prepare is also very useful when they’ve got a client that has worked on a manual accounting system like Excel or were paper-based previously, and issued carbon copy invoices, and Wingman can feed all of those into their cloud accounting package. Something like Bank Line Item extraction is useful when there's a huge volume of data, because it’s possible to simply drop all the PDF files into Dext and convert it into a file that the accounting package understands to update the bank feed.

Adriaan finds the Line Item Extraction feature particularly useful for restaurant clients, where they buy goods with different VAT treatment and Dext allocates the correct tax treatment to each line. If you had to do it manually, this would be quite difficult and take a great deal of time.

There are clients who are worried about data backups and the security of the cloud, but Adriaan tells them that by digitising data, you have indefinite access to it and it's safe. It’s also useful if the government audits you years down the line.

Dext as a selling point for new clients

Dext Prepare helps Adriaan and his team improve the efficiency and accuracy of the firm’s bookkeeping, and has a massive impact when they onboard a new client and show them the new world they’re introducing them to.

According to Adriaan, some accountants don't want to show the client how easy automation has made their work - but it’s a huge selling point for Adriaan and his team during onboarding. “We'll show the client how we set up Supplier Rules and how we're automating this menial process that they've probably detested for their entire lives. That helps them really understand what we do, and future automation and integration becomes an easier conversation because they get it.”

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