How I Evolved My Advisory Services

We have always been ahead of the status quo at Team Bookkeeping. Although I have been providing advisory for many years, we have recently expanded our insights packages so we can provide an even deeper understanding and clearer strategies for working towards business objectives and purpose.

I’ve focused a lot more on implementing new processes, training plans and providing ongoing support through detailed management reporting, business health checks and quarterly meetings, giving clients more insight on a regular basis. And the more I’ve put into that, the bigger the appetite I see from my clients for it.

I have also recently implemented a fixed fee model so that clients know exactly how much the services they want will cost. That’s important to provide business owners or managers the benefit of knowing their annual business compliance costs for cash flow and budgeting purposes. Plus, I want them to feel comfortable contacting me under the assurance that it will not cost them any extra to do so.

Business owners are now much more aware of the need to be ready for anything. I believe in being proactive instead of being reactive. Boards, Directors, Shareholders and managers need to know their numbers, trends, threats or opportunities and the books need to be up to date and accurate. I like the innovative and forward-thinking way I conduct accountancy and I think it’s becoming more and more popular with clients and my peers in the industry.

I am constantly working with clients throughout the year. It’s important to advise them on all the options available to them and educate them on what might be the best option for their business and individual goals. Of course, I’m not there to tell them what to do, but I will show them the choices available, the pros and the cons, in order for them to feel confident in their decisions.

How I drive more value to my clients

For me, embracing technology has helped me to drive value to my clients, and I can pair that with the experience of working with all kinds of industries and people to provide a full suite of business services.

I also want to make that relationship sustainable. I won’t just give them the information and move on. I’ll hold their hand through the process, so to speak, and provide support long after the software is ready to be used. I don’t believe in just going: “Hey, here’s the answer. See you later.” I’m definitely all about supporting clients and their teams through the whole process.

What I’ve learned as my practice has evolved

It might sound cheesy, but I think the biggest lessons I’ve learnt have been about myself. I find it easy to give advice to clients because I’ve got the data to back it up but discovering my own emotional intelligence and strength has been a bigger learning curve.

It’s important to me to stay true to my values – positivity, loyalty, family and being people-orientated. I find the time to be sympathetic with my clients and almost become attached to their businesses as much as they are. After all, if I can help their business be successful then I’ve been successful too.

About Laura Mason

Laura Mason is Director of Team Bookkeeping Ltd. in New Zealand with a demonstrated 17-year history of working within the management of businesses such as hospitality, automotive, retail and trades. She has worked with SME’s & Accountants in both New Zealand and the Pacific, training and advising on how to adapt business practices to take advantage of the insights, efficiencies, and affordances of cloud-based systems.

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