Case Study: Karen Visan, KV Bookkeeping Ltd

With a focus on bookkeeping for digital commerce businesses and a love for technology, Karen Visan makes sure her tech stack has the best alternatives to support her clients. That includes helping them migrate to the cloud and choose their own apps.

Meet Karen Visan 

A passionate bookkeeper with over 20 years of experience, Karen Visan always loved exploring new technologies. Her company, KV Bookkeeping Ltd, also provides consulting services for businesses and professionals looking to move their processes from paper to the cloud.

For years, she has taught herself how to use several pieces of software to facilitate workflows. This interest in technology was the reason why she developed her career towards data management and cloud bookkeeping, rather than traditional accounting.

Now she helps companies run smoother and more efficiently by passing on this knowledge. Her mission is to help businesses across Nova Scotia and beyond save time and money by working smarter, not harder.


A new landscape – and a new challenge

Karen provides cloud bookkeeping services to companies looking to automate their finance department in a variety of industries. In the past years, she noticed an increased demand for digital commerce businesses in need of bookkeeping services.

E-commerce clients with large volumes of sales transactions have always been a challenge for bookkeepers, since they sell through so many different platforms and regions. Now, even physical businesses are in a similar situation, since payments and POS systems and all digital. 

She quickly realized that gathering and categorizing sales data from all these sources for each client without automation is just not sustainable. Given the ever-changing landscape of this industry, Karen knew there should be a solution out there to reinvent the way finance departments run. And she was right. 


A powerful and reliable solution for all

Karen is not new to technology, so she knew what she wanted from a digital commerce software. Something that only ticked a box or two wasn’t enough: she needed a reliable and sophisticated tool that could fit businesses of any size and with different needs. After some research, Dext Commerce was her obvious app of choice.

As expected, some of her clients needed help with set-up and training, especially the ones less familiar with technology. Once they saw how much simpler their work would be with Commerce, they loved it.

“It’s all about saving time and being more efficient after all”, she says, highlighting the value the tool offers to her clients and herself.

For example, when Karen took on Lakes Golf and Resort as a client, they had no online accounting structure. She revamped their system and helped them introduce automated accounting solutions that changed the way they ran their business.

One of the benefits, she says, was that Commerce offered transactional data, which A2X didn’t. She reviewed all the fine details within QuickBooks and transitioned them from A2X to Commerce, which encompassed more of what she was looking for from an automated bookkeeping tool. The wider range of integrations and the fact that Commerce could also gather sales data from digital payments and POS systems was also a major advantage.

“It was a blessing switching over.”

The client has been impressed with the results and especially likes the reporting system Commerce provides. Being able to sort out their data seamlessly with in-depth reporting allows them to make proactive decisions and plan ahead.


Saving hours of manual work and seeing the big picture

As a result of using Dext Commerce as her main tech stack, Karen Visan’s bookkeeping process is now a lot easier – and even more enjoyable. Her clients love the ability to see their data in real time and the peace of mind of knowing their bookkeeping is always tidy and compliant.

“Commerce works beautifully with our e-commerce clients and I couldn’t be happier with the ability to just sit and watch the transactional data flow through so quickly in real time!” 

She can now offer an even more accurate, efficient and time-saving service at a very affordable price. This was the tool Karen needed on her tech stack- adopting Commerce has changed the way she works and allowed her to also acquire new clients.

“I wouldn’t have been able to take on e-commerce clients if it wasn’t for Dext Commerce”. 

About Dext Commerce

Created for bookkeepers, accountants and businesses, Dext Commerce provides the data, insight and tools for companies to thrive. It simplifies the collection and categorization of sales data from e-commerce marketplaces, POS systems and payment platforms. All into a consolidated view and all in real-time. Learn more about Dext Commerce and start a free trial today.

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