3 ways to use automation to improve productivity

Automation is the future of accountancy. By integrating your firm’s choice of cloud accounting platform with the right software tools, you can automate the vast majority of your low-level financial and client admin processes. 

That means no more time-consuming data entry, no messing around with complicated spreadsheets and no hunting through piles of paperwork to find documentation. It means you can get back to actually working one-on-one with your business clients.

1. Become a ‘Virtual FD’

Don’t just provide numbers and analysis. Take the next logical step and start helping to steer the strategic direction of your clients’ futures as their part-time finance director. With the right cloud system behind you, you have the real-time data, the process automation and the reporting insight needed to become a ‘virtual FD’.

  • Provide the important numbers – give clients the key performance indicators (KPIs) they need to make good decisions. 
  • Don’t just advise – be proactive and tell clients what the next step should be.
  • Compete with larger firms – provide a truly insightful consultancy service that can compete on the same level as larger, more established advisory practices.

2. Move from old to new

Automation will replace basic bookkeeping and accounting. So now is the time for your firm to innovate and try new service offerings. As you become more strategic with how you use time and resources, you can cater more closely to the needs of your clients. 

  • Move clients to cloud systems – bring them the benefits of online accounting and make their financial management more efficient. 
  • Deliver real-time numbers – Use Dext to automate data entry and give clients the key real-time numbers they need to move forward. 
  • Help them grow – deliver forecasting and budgeting so they can grow with confidence.

3. Build the firm of the future

Putting automation at the heart of your practice systems helps you deliver more for your business clients, and secures the long-term future of your practice. Cloud solutions bring the power of automation to your practice. Automation streamlines your processes, saving time for you, your team and your client. Saved time can be put into deeper client relationships and value-added business advice.