Manage MTD for income tax with Dext Prepare for MTD ITSA

The end-to-end solution to support you and your clients with making tax digital for income tax self-assessment (MTD ITSA). Adjust seamlessly to new ways of working with complete control and visibility over the data you need.

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Dext Prepare for MTD ITSA, built for you and your clients

MTD for ITSA will apply to individuals from April 2024, if their total gross income from self-employment and property exceeds £10,000 in a tax year. Most businesses will have two years to prepare and voluntarily test the service before it’s up and running.

One tool for complete control and visibility

Having control and visibility throughout the year is vital under the new MTD for income tax changes. Dext Prepare for MTD ITSA gives you the assurance that you have all the information you need, for all of your clients, exactly when you need it.

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First-rate data collection and easy categorisation

Moving to digital record-keeping, Dext’s highly rated data collection and categorisation tools will support you to get all of your client's records no matter how they want to submit them.

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Seamless ways of working, tailored for all

Transition to new ways of working and make decisions that benefit both your clients and your team. This is a two-way-street approach that enables you to stay on top of deadlines, check progress in real time, review and add value while your clients collect and categorise documents themselves.

A MTD ITSA tool that slots in wherever you need it

Legislative changes shouldn’t mean you have to reinvent the way you work. Dext’s solution is designed to connect and fit in with your existing systems and processes. From onboarding and extraction, right through to filing, Dext is your first and last touch point for all things MTD for ITSA.

Making tax digital for landlords and sole traders

Dext’s MTD ITSA software for sole traders and landlords is available via your accountant or bookkeeper.

Try our new Dext Prepare MTD ITSA solution for free!

Join the first release

£0/month per individual
  • Available to all Dext Prepare accounts
  • Exclusive free access until 30 June 2023
  • Fully MTD Ready by April 2023 in time for the 23/24 tax year

Explore the full release

£0/month per individual
  • Open to all to sign up to Dext Prepare for MTD ITSA
  • Discover the MTD ready solution
  • Continue using free of charge

Start using the paid solution

£5/month per individual (Bundle of 5)
  • 1 July 2023
  • First payment for Dext Prepare for MTD ITSA will be taken
  • £6.49/month per individual (Single individuals)
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