The all-round ITSA solution, for you and your clients

Better support your self-employed or landlord self assessment clients with Dext Prepare for ITSA. A HMRC recognised solution, which allows complete control and visibility of your clients' data, saving you and your clients hours every week.

Dext is the first step in digital transformation for your accounting and bookkeeping business and your ITSA clients

Dext Prepare for ITSA helps you:

  • Onboard ITSA clients Setup your sole trader and landlord clients and easily connect their income sources
  • Capture data from a range of sources with bank feeds, source documents and mobile app submissions all available
  • Instantly access and export the summary totals you need to support the tax workflows you already use
  • Monitor client KPIs with the always-on dashboards giving key data visibility

With Dext Prepare for ITSA, you’ll get:

  • To take back time and create capacity for you and your clients
  • Happier teams with manageable workloads 
  • Significantly reduced stress in coping with compliance
  • A future MTD-ready firm to thrive beyond compliance

Halve the time it takes to service an income tax self-assessment client

No more manual data entry

World class technology captures and codes transaction data in close to real time


Quick, efficient and correct. Reduce the impact of human error

Efficient automation

Market leading workflows that make categorisation fast and accurate

Compliance confidence

Access and export summary totals for compliance purposes instantly

Dext is the first step on your digital transformation journey

Give your clients the ability to capture and monitor their income and expenditure transactions in real time. Help your clients to make better decisions and feel more confident about meeting the right amount of tax

More time back

No more evenings and weekends spent inputting bookkeeping data. Snap & scan invoices and receipts in real time, on the go via our world class mobile app

Less stress

Have confidence knowing the numbers are accurate and that tax returns can be completed on time. No more fear of late penalties or missing data

Profit not pain

Delaying digital transformation for your ITSA clients costs time, money and stress. Give your clients the service they deserve, and in the way that best suits your firm

Satisfy the self-assessment needs of you and your clients

New technology, evolving client expectations and updates to HMRC’s MTD legislation is changing accounting for ITSA clients. Our solution emopowers accountants & bookkeepers to work together efficiently, saving time to focus on what matters most. 

Dext Prepare for ITSA solution is suitable for: 

  • Non vat registered, unincorporated individuals with income from self employment, such as sole traders
  • Non vat registered, unincorporated individuals with income from property, such as landlords
  • Accountants and bookkeepers who look after ITSA clients and want to give them the best possible service
  • Firms who want to build their future proof their digital offering with a trusted solution, recognised by HMRC

You and your clients can: 

  • Connect clients to a single dashboard for wide visibility and control
  • Capture income & expenditure data, using bank feeds and/or, source document scanning
  • World class mobile app that clients understand and love
  • Instant access to summary totals data and exports

And soon will be able to:

  • Create and send Sales Invoices
  • Custom chart of accounts 
  • Act on business performance insights 

"We're not looking to use the MTD ITSA delay as a reason to not continue with digital transformation. We still want those benefits for our clients, and for our own teams"

- Adam Croney, Westcotts

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