An Insider’s Guide to Scaling New Heights 2018

Here at Receipt Bank, we are so excited for Scaling New Heights 2018 – only 10 days to go!

That being said, we understand that getting the most out of a conference can seem like an unscalable height in itself sometimes. That’s why we’ve put together some handy tips, tricks and advice from industry leaders to ensure you have the best possible time at SNH 2018!


Mariette Martinez EA

Prepare your mindset to be well prepared before the event, take it all in at the event and then execute what you learned post event with S.M.A.R.T written goals that will allow you to measure the Return on Investment of attending. Most important, connect with speakers, vendors, attendees BEFORE you arrive to give yourself a head start and to build your confidence and comfort level for when you meet these awesome people in real life. Here’s an FBLive I did for first timers

Debra Kilsheimer of Behind the Scenes

Meet as many people as you can! It’s not about “what” you know. It’s about “who” you meet! Colleagues! Vendors! They all become lifelong friends to cheer you on through your journey! And bring a sweater.

Kelly Gonsalves of Totally Booked

My first year I picked some classes that didn’t really fit my needs based on title or maybe who was teaching. When I was in those classes and realized how bad the fit was I check the SNH app for a class that was a better fit, and politely excused myself and headed to that class. I learned some very valuable lessons, all because I did what was a better fit for me. Go to this conference to get what you need for your business and stay true to that.


Carla Caldwell of Caldwell Consulting & Training LLC

I go back to my goals/objectives for the conference – and then remember that session slides are available later. And if you know someone going to the other session, ask them what their takeaways were.

Caren Schwatz of Time and Cents Consultants

It’s not easy. I think about what is more likely to benefit me and do I think I can get some value from just the handout from a session I don’t attend.


Guy Pearson of Practice Ignition

Build a list of things you’re looking to learn and jump on social media to list out what you’re looking for and meet folks that way. Or go the old school way: walk over to a group, say “g’day” and just introduce yourself and state who you are and why you’re here.

Kelly Gonsalves

My first year I took a lot of notes, business cards, swag, etc. When I came back home I sorted through everything and decided what I wanted to implement….and then I did it. In that 2nd half of the year I doubled my income. Take what you learn and apply it! That’s the best way to get a return on your investment.

Carla Caldwell

Sit with different people in sessions, meals and keynotes; prepare questions for conversation starters if you struggle with this, don’t ask “Where are you from” or “What sessions are you going to” – but perhaps “Do you serve a niche market, why or why not”, “What are your goals for the conference”, “What are you excited about in our industry lately”, “What did you change in your firm last year that really moved the needle”.


Monique Swansen of Automated Accounting Services

Plan to attend as many events as you can and spend some time with the Vendors. Keep in mind any client pain points you would like to solve for.

Sarah Sivesind of Aero Workflow

Pace yourself – don’t blow it all on the first night – so that you have energy for the full 3 days.

Caren Schwatz

Focus on the conference and not your cell phone

Guy PearsonMariette Martinez and Carla Caldwell will all be presenting this year, so make sure to follow them on social media for updates.

Our very own VP of Business Development Damien Greathead will also be presenting on the main stage on Wednesday June 20th at 9am, with the theme of ‘From Little Things, Big Things Grow’ – don’t miss it.

To top it all off we’ll also be throwing a couple of fabulous parties alongside the conference, so put on your networking shoes and register today!

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