A First Look at Our Long-Awaited Feature: Multi-Account Management

Our very own Head of Platform and Growth, Mustafa Roomi, shares some exciting and highly-anticipated product news.

Hello, I’m Mustafa, and I head up our platform and growth areas as part of the Dext product team. I’ve been at Dext for just over six years, and announcing this brings me a whole lot of joy.

I’m pleased to announce that Multi-Account management is now available! 🎉

For many years, individuals that needed to access more than one account in Dext were unable to use the same login credentials (i.e. email address) to access these accounts. This was a huge pain, especially for those:

  • Who had multiple businesses and needed separate accounts to manage their finances;
  • Who supported many separate businesses

We’ve heard this from our accounting and bookkeeping partners, as well as many of the businesses out there. So much so that it actually became the number one feature request on our feedback platform, UserVoice.

We knew we had to solve this problem. And, after almost eighteen months of non-stop work, I’m pleased to say we have. To take advantage, users can:

  • Merge existing login credentials into a single one
  • Add a new user directly via the add user/colleague or new client flows
  • Create new accounts for business directly within the product

Once this is done, users can use one login address to access Dext on web and mobile. They can then seamlessly switch between their different accounts directly in the product. What a world!

I want to thank the team for making this possible, and everyone who voted for this feature on UserVoice who made it impossible for us to ignore.

For more information, please read here.

Many thanks,


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