Promote Your Practice: Social Media for Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

As we often say, it is crucial to run your practice as a business, rather than simply a service.

A key element of running a business is marketing: you have to get your name out there somehow!

No matter where you’re based, social media provides a valuable platform to reach clients and prospects, wherever they may be. You can introduce your brand and strengthen your message – all at little or no cost!

But if you haven’t done it before, the unknown can seem a tad overwhelming. So we’ve put together this handy guide to social media marketing for accounting and bookkeeping firms.


Read up on social media platforms and their distinct purposes and demographics. Understand the benefits to your business. Remember that as an accounting or bookkeeping firm, the social networks that you choose to appear on will depend entirely on your client base and the clients you are aiming to attract. You can use a social media monitoring tool such as Hootsuite to help you keep track of relevant dialogue, and it won’t be long until you start to see opportunities to contribute.


Ensure that your audience gets value out of every bit of communication. Don’t make it about you – it’s all about how to benefit them. Firstly think about your ideal client, then think about the kind of content that this client would want to see. Maybe that’s bookkeeping tips in a Facebook post, maybe that’s shoutouts to star clients on Twitter – whatever it is, try to make sure that you are always adding value.


Keep consistency across social media platforms in regards to your profile, whether that means easily identifiable ‘handles’ or usernames, or using the same profile picture across different platforms. Make it easy for people to find you, and encourage those in the community to follow you on multiple networks. Then think about your voice – how you’d like to present yourself to potential customers and existing clients online. Your voice should provide authenticity and credibility of your brand. In planning this voice, decide how you’ll engage with users through images, situations and language. Make sure those engagements are all consistent with the way you’d like your firm’s brand to look and feel.


The great thing about social media is that it’s free! Capitalise on this free tool and use it to build your relationships. Don’t be afraid to reply to Facebook comments or Tweets – people trust a brand they see as familiar, transparent and honest. Ambassador states that 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others, so don’t miss out on this crucial referral opportunity.

So get started today! Boost your firm’s presence and engage with potential customers.

Here’s how to get off the starting blocks:

  • Fill out your profile information thoroughly
  • Have your objectives clearly in mind – and stick to them
  • Keep both your prospective and current clients’ perspective in mind
  • Test out different platforms and settle on the ones where you see the most engagement

Happy social media-ing!

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