Sabby Gill Discusses Dext’s Jam-Packed Plan for the Future

Lights, camera, action! On the bustling floor of the recent Accountex London Show, our CEO Sabby Gill took centre stage. In a discussion with the Accounting Influencers Podcast, Sabby shed light on Dext’s current trajectory, our unique company culture and our exciting plans for the future. Here’s a quick sneak peek of the conversation:

Where’s Dext now?

In a nutshell: We’re doing great! Sabby shares how we’re looking forward to processing over 330 million transactions with 99% accuracy this year. It’s not just about the volume, but also the precision and the sophisticated AI technology driving these numbers. We’ve just hired a chief product and technology officer to continue reshaping the way accountants and bookkeepers work — and there’s more to come! 

What’s life like at Dext?

People make Dext what it is. For Sabby, the culture at Dext is key. More than ticking off tasks on a checklist or showing up for meetings, it’s about the camaraderie, collaboration and that amazing feeling of being part of a team where everyone fits in just right. We’ve created a culture where showing up doesn’t mean commuting but connecting. 

What’s next for Dext?

When asked about what’s in store for Dext, Sabby shared some exciting news. We’ve recently laid out our product roadmap and secured the thumbs-up from the board. This roadmap is our plan for the future and it’s jam-packed with innovative ideas. Significant developments are in the pipeline, so watch this space and prepare for some fresh updates!

Keen to get the full story? Sabby’s interview is loaded with insights, future plans, and a taste of the vibrant Dext spirit. Jump into the full video and see what’s in store for the future of accounting. 

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