Top 5 Accounting and Bookkeeping Podcasts – As Chosen By You

Who loves a good podcast?

As of June 2018, Apple Podcasts features more than 550,000 podcasts in more than 100 languages. And that number is only growing. With so many listening options, it can be hard knowing where to start. That’s why we asked Receipt Bank Partners on Orange Select for their favourites.

If you are new to Orange Select, this online platform is home to thousands of accounting and bookkeeping partners across the world. It’s the go-to place for tips on how to make the most of Receipt Bank technology, plus earn and redeem points with exclusive challenges. We had some amazing responses.

Here are the top 5 accounting and bookkeeping podcasts to enjoy, whether on the way to work or at home – all chosen by you. These are a treasure trove of industry advice and real-life stories of people who have been there, done that and got the t-shirt. 


This was the most recommended podcast, and for good reason! Tune in for a tongue-in-cheek account from accountants down under. Packed full of stories on what it’s really like to talk to your clients about implementing technology and comparing technical solutions, From the Trenches is hosted by self-described ‘fearless hosts’, Paul Meissner and David Boyar. We had the honour of talking to David about adopting a client-facing approach here. It features segments such as the Best and Worst of the Week, plus ‘5 questions in 5 minutes’. This one is not to be missed!


The next most-loved on the list was The Successful Bookkeeper. Hosted by Michael Palmer, an acclaimed business coach, The Successful Bookkeeper runs weekly to help bookkeepers across the world grow their businesses, work smarter and enjoy life. Covering topics such as how to speak with your legacy clients and the best apps for organised bookkeeping, this is a great way to learn about a niche topic from an expert within thirty minutes or less. What’s more, our very own co-founder and CEO, Alexis Prenn, has made a guest appearance here and here.


The Offshore Accountant podcast is designed to pass on the best industry insights and connect you with key experts to help grow your firm. Its niche lies in sharing others’ experience in offshoring journeys. When you implement a paperless approach and move to cloud accounting, it is easier than ever to move data and access it wherever you are. This opens up more opportunities to offshore resources, facilitate growth and deliver higher quality services. Plus, the most recent episode features our superstar partner, Noel Tiufino.


Described as your guide to a successful bookkeeping career, The Bean Counter is for everyone from accounting students to full-time bookkeeper professionals. This one is a little different from the other four. Instead of focused on growing your firm or adding value to your services, it’s focused on helping you score your dream job, start a successful accounting firm from scratch and learn more about leadership styles.


The Grow My Accounting Practice is hosted by co-founders of Profit First Professionals, Ron Saharyan and Mike Michalowicz, who recently shared his insight into being profit-first on the Receipt Bank blog. The podcast features a diverse lineup of guests, from authors, public speakers and industry veterans. If you’re interested in how to take your marketing to the next level with webinars or find your confidence when talking to clients, give this one a listen.

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