What’s New In Receipt Bank: February 2018

February was a busy month.

We continued to develop new features, release them to our Feature Lab users for beta testing, and ship numerous exciting new updates!

Read on to find out which exciting new updates were shipped in February…

Want to help in the development of our products? Get involved with The Feature Lab by signing up here. You can also find out more about the Feature Lab here.


We have a new submission method on the roadmap for this year – Fetch!

Fetch automatically extracts items from online portals where you would usually receive recurring bills, invoices or other expense items – for example, utility bills. Don’t miss out on the Fetch page under the ‘Add items’ tab in the web app to learn more and register your interest in beta testing this exciting feature…


Have you spotted the new UI in the web app?

The three-dot menu in the web app has been revamped! This update gives the menu more clarity and now offers a handy new link to Orange Select.


The launch of Orange Select has been a great success! Many Partners have got involved, completed challenges, shared content and offered us fantastic feedback whilst earning rewards. We’ve made it even easier to access Orange Select by adding a quick link in the web app. Find it within the three-dot menu in the top right-hand corner.

Enjoy easier access to Orange Select and never miss a challenge again?

Contact your account manager to sign up today!


iOS Release 3.7.4 and 3.7.5

We work hard to improve the mobile app to make sure everyone is having the very best experience submitting items. February saw the release of both iOS 3.7.4 and iOS 3.7.5 – two great updates for our iOS users.

iOS 3.7.4 includes iPhone X improvements, performance enhancements and bug fixes. iOS 3.7.5 adds additional bug fixes to ensure the app is optimised for all users.

Check you’re on the most recent update here.

Coming soon…Android 3.0.0

We’ve got a big redesign coming to Android!

The redesign makes the app more intuitive and gives you more functionality. The update to the inbox has been made so it is more straightforward to manage. The receipt details screen will now autosave when you make changes, you can also publish items from this screen – saving you a step. There are lots of other great changes coming with this update.


To celebrate the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Orange Select devoted February to Olympic themed challenges focusing on our products. These challenges included quizzes on specific features, product feedback and some fun challenges!

Thank you to every who participated!

Here’s our favourite response to the question we asked – Tell us your favourite Receipt Bank hack or time-saving trick:

Automated supplier rules are the best. Combine this with mail inbox rules and emailed invoices appear in Xero as if by magic! Ping!

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