What’s New in Receipt Bank: February 2019

Welcome to the February Product Update!

This month, we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Help Centre, giving you around-the-clock support for any questions you may have. We have also introduced new integration functionality for Sage Accounting, and made some UI changes to enhance your experience.

Read on to find a full breakdown of what’s new this month.


Get instant answers using the Receipt Bank Help Centre

We’re excited to announce our new Help Centre. We’ve been working hard to give you the best experience when looking for answers.

We’ve designed the Help Centre with all of our users in mind, whether you’re new to Receipt Bank or want to find out more about specific features. This will give you a library of informational guides and articles.

Find the answers to your questions quickly and easily using the search bar located in the centre of the home page. The new layout groups articles by relevant topics, meaning you can easily browse through related articles to become a Receipt Bank guru. Find all the information you need in one place.

Check it out here.


Reduce the reconciliation process to just a few clicks using our Bank Match feature.

We don’t want you to have to spend time manually checking between the list of items submitted on Receipt Bank against the items on the bank feed in Sage Accounting. We want to give you the most streamlined process possible. With Bank Match for Sage Accounting, you can achieve just that.

Bank Match identifies items in Receipt Bank with corresponding transactions on the Sage Accounting Bank Feed. Once Receipt Bank has found a bank match, it will display a match icon. You can then go into the item and autofill the payment details in one click – meaning you can publish the item in a ready-to-reconcile state.

Pro Tip: publish all your match items from the inbox first since they’re now super simple to process, then focus the rest of your time on the more complicated items.

Click here to learn more.

Available for Receipt Bank Streamline and above


Spend less time chasing for paperwork, and get the books up-to-date.

In an ideal world, all clients will submit their paperwork on time with no chasing required. However we know all too well that this is often not the case. Hours spent chasing clients to submit their expenses, gather and sort paperwork then follow up with phone calls and emails isn’t how anyone wants to spend your time.

Outstanding Paperwork provides you with a quick and easy way to see which clients have items to submit to get their books up-to-date. You can then create an accurate reconciliation report of all the items that are awaiting submission, that can be exported as a PDF, CSV, Google Sheets, or sent straight to your client’s mobile!

This feature helps your clients too. The Outstanding Paperwork report means your clients know exactly what paperwork is needed, so they can submit items without any confusion or frustration.

Watch the video to learn more.

Click here to learn more about the ease and the great benefits of Outstanding Paperwork.

Available for Receipt Bank Optimize


Easily add new smart split rules.

If you have clients in industries that require different line items to be split, and have multiple tax codes, descriptions, or nominal codes to be applied, then Smart Split is a great feature for you.

A Smart Split rule allows you to specify a fixed amount or percentage split for items from a specific supplier. Whenever documents from the supplier are submitted, line items will be created in accordance with your Smart Split rule. This saves you having to manually review line item data every time an item is submitted from a regular, routine supplier.

To make it easier to find, we’ve moved the Smart Split button within the Supper details page – you’ll now find it at the bottom left corner. You will now find the Smart Split button located at the bottom of the Supplier details page.

Want to learn more about Smart Split? Click here

Available for Receipt Bank Streamline and above

That’s it for this month. Stay tuned for the March Product Update.

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