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Your firm’s status is determined by your usage of our powerful features, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of Dext. Make your firm stand out from the crowd by progressing from Dext Partner to Dext Pro, and collect rewards and badges for your practice as you go.

What do we measure?

Onboarding Completed

you’ve added your first clients to Dext Prepare and they have started submitting.

Active Clients %

the percentage of your clients on Dext|Prepare that have been active in the last 90 days.

Digital Submissions %

the percentage of items submitted via the mobile app, Fetch or Email-in.

Supplier Rules #

the number of rules set to assign default behaviours for specific suppliers.


the number of items automatically published to your accounting software.

Additional features

Item Messaging, Practice and Client view Dashboards.

Your Certification Dashboard

You can access your firm’s dashboard in Orange Select. If you haven’t yet got an Orange Select account register here or login.


Get rewarded

As you advance through the levels you’ll unlock badges to help you show off your certification status. You will also earn Orange Select points to redeem rewards for your team. Kit out your staff with the latest Dext swag, or celebrate with a team lunch. Reaching Dext Pioneer or Pro gives you access to apply for the exclusive Dext Advisors program.

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Brittany Ambler
Xero review

Functional, simple and effective

Using Dext with Xero has been a great way of streamlining and improving processing. Clients understand the software easily and it makes everyone using it save time on the mundane.

Testimonial portrait
Russel Frayne
Head of UK Digital Accounting Solutions IT, Azets Group

One platform, multiple benefits

Having Dext Prepare and Precision together under one familiar brand, providing data capture and data quality, allows us to seamlessly work in a single platform. Without having to unnecessarily bolt multiple softwares together, we now have a consistent core of products that we can use throughout our business.

Testimonial portrait
Ryan Pearcy

Our services evolve constantly. As the era of providing just compliance starts to die, the question now is: ‘what can we do for clients, on top of filing the tax return?