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John Toon, Senior Manager at accounting firm Beever & Struthers, shows us how his team uses Dext Precision to assess the quality of new clients' books and accurately price bookkeeping services. He demonstrates how to view and interpret clients’ HealthScore, and transaction volumes and bank reconciliations within the Activity Stats of Dext Precision.

Onboarding clients

The first thing John and his team do when the firm gets a new client is to connect them to Dext Precision and assess their HealthScore - this gives the team a good idea of the quality of new clients’ books, and what areas may need improvement, but also helps the team to know how much time it might take to service the account, and therefore give the prospective client an accurate price. The firm also may be able to offer training to the client with pricing based on what areas of concern come up in this process.

Some metrics, like the transaction volumes which you can see within the Activity Stats in Dext Precision, will also allow you to show clients where they may be able to gain some easy wins for automation, freeing up some of their own time to focus on their business, and become more profitable themselves. Beever & Struthers quotes on a transaction volume basis, so the number of transactions also informs the price of services.

Client relationships

Dext Precision provides a solid foundation for having data-led conversations with clients and building great client relationships. From the start, in the process of onboarding a new client, the HealthScore is the foundation for a conversation about how much work needs to be done on a client’s books, and whether they would prefer a member of the team to do it, or if they will provide training and support for the client to do it themselves.

The software also provides opportunities for John and the team to offer regular advice as to where there are ways that a business can maximise their profitability and productivity, and how the team can support them in the process.

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