Businesses Thriving with Dext

In every corner of the globe, businesses face the common challenge of managing their finances efficiently. 

Whether it’s a bustling eCommerce venture in the UK, a construction cooperative in the US, a landscape business in Australia or a family-owned bakery in Canada, the need for streamlined bookkeeping is universal. 

Enter Dext, a game-changing tool that automates and simplifies accounting processes. With thousands of satisfied users around the world, it’s evident that Dext can adapt to the needs of any business, regardless of industry or location.

Here’s how Dext is making a difference to businesses from different countries.

Businesses Thriving with Dext-Jake Scouch

In the UK, Founder Jake Souch knew traditional, paper-based bookkeeping wasn’t the best approach for his small business.

Being an eCommerce business, Iron Lake Balls gets weekly invoices through several different channels. Keeping track of hundreds or even thousands of orders is time-consuming, especially for a team of its size.

“Some processes can be really daunting for a new business owner. Using our main accounting software integrated with Dext has allowed us to streamline our accounting processes and made it really simple, easy and transparent for both our team and accounts.”

Dext gives Jake’s team the tools necessary to automate workflows and cut time-consuming processes that would otherwise take hours away from other important matters of business. It also assists Jake with tracking business-specific spending, giving him the pace of mind that nothing is forgotten. 

With Dext, we don’t have to think about paperwork or worry about having all of our receipts together in a safe place. We’re able to focus on work each and every day.”

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Businesses Thriving with Dext-Graham Sweeney

At the same time, in Australia, handling bookkeeping and expenses was a nightmare for Graham and Angela Sweeney. It was difficult to gather all the receipts and invoices from their team and the paperwork was often lost or damaged. 

The disorganisation and lack of processes for the admin part of the business was making them spend too much time on unproductive work. There was also no easy way to monitor how much money the company was bringing in.

“I’m not a technology person, I’m more interested in doing what I do well. With Dext, I don’t have to worry about that part of the business. My focus is back on the job, not on paperwork.”

Now Dext helps Graham and Angela easily deal with suppliers, manage last-minute purchases of materials for projects, and have team members submit expenses on the go. It also enables them to search for past costs on Dext’s library so they can compare price fluctuations. 

They have a much more detailed picture of their finances, which helps with future planning as well as team management. Transforming Homes & Gardens is a much more efficient business now.

“In an industry like ours, it’s all about systems and efficiency. Dext is simple and saves us at least three hours a week. It’s worth its money.”

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Businesses Thriving with Dext-Nathan Ladovsky

In Canada, Nathan Ladovsky was taking over the century-old family business, a bakery and restaurant in central Toronto. Technology makes the accounting process easy, so he knew he had to move United Bakers‘ finance management to the cloud. 

However, manually entering expenses data into their accounting system was still taking a lot of time – after all, the piles of receipts, invoices and bank statements were still accumulating, demanding individual checks. If any paperwork was missing, it would take an extra day to find it.

“Previously, we weren’t doing a good job of keeping track of the taxes we pay on small expenses and transactions. Dext allowed us to have a more granular view and keep track better, reducing our overall tax bill.”

Nathan programmed the office scanner to send all those supplier invoices to Dext and uses the mobile app for any other small paperwork such as receipts on the go. Getting all expenses data accurately extracted and categorized to easily upload into his accounting software has been a game-changer. Plus, knowing that all his paperwork is safely stored and can be easily accessible at any time is the cherry on top.

“Improved accuracy, reduction of the amount of time it takes, and confidence for compliance, are the big three benefits we get from Dext.”

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Businesses Thriving with Dext-Micheal Snow

Meanwhile in the US, Co-Owner of Northwest Construction Cooperative, Micheal Snow, realised that collecting expenses paperwork from the whole team was easier said than done. 

Receipts would get crumbled and destroyed, stained with coffee or grease, stuck under someone’s seat in their car… For any business, non-compliance and time-consuming processes can derail progress, so it was clear that a bookkeeping automation tool was necessary. The team tried out a few platforms, but none provided what they needed. Until they discovered Dext.

“Dext saves us a lot of time because we don’t need to manually enter all the information twice and reconcile the two. We’re able to do things with speed, accuracy and completeness that we weren’t ever able to do before.”

With an easy user interface and the capacity to allow different user profiles, Dext ensures every team member is able to manage their own submissions. The benefit of easily storing and merging several documents in the same entry, which prevents duplicates, is also a huge highlight. 

And with Paperwork Match, Dext automatically attaches document images to existing payments in his accounting software that did not have an image – Micheal’s favourite feature.

“There are lots of cool features in Dext that I think everyone should use, but Paperwork Match was a pleasant surprise and it’s awesome. I love that.”

Read the full case study here.

Now it’s your turn!

Imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about misplaced receipts, manual data entry, or time-consuming reconciliations. With Dext, that world is within reach. 

The experiences shared by businesses from the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US demonstrate that Dext is a versatile solution capable of adapting to various needs and challenges. No matter the size of your business or the industry you operate in, Dext offers a versatile solution to enhance your financial management.

Why wait? Start using Dext today and join the growing community of businesses that are already benefiting from enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Start a free trial today!

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